EcoLeaf is a new digital technology enabling metallization embellishments onto self-adhesive labels.

Using an over-printable silver pigment as a base, we are able to create a rainbow of metallic colours, including gold. The process works by using only the precise amount of metal required for the printed area and replaces the use of hot and cold foil rolls for metal embellishment jobs. 

This solutions dramatically reduces waste material left behind after the process reducing both the environmental impact of embellishment and saving the customer money by not using as much material.

EcoLeaf modules can be integrated inline with narrow web print processes and  offline with finishing equipment. The unit will be applicable for all printing segments, including labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, commercial printing, and publishing. 

For more information on Ecoleaf embellishment or to request a sample pack, please get in touch today using the contact form below.